Overview of an Asset Managers’ Role

An Asset Managers is a professional who is tasked with managing your financial assets. Their scope of work may include the management of any stocks, bonds, real estate, or any other monetary assets that you own. An asset manager will balance any incurring risk with earnings for your portfolio, with the goal of increasing the value of your holdings. Asset Managers may be independent managers or work for brokerage firm.

Your asset manager generally works on investment management, checking the performance of the bonds, stocks, or other securities in your financial portfolio. Included in the management process are recommendations on which investments should be held long or short term and which ones should be sold off. You’ll be notified as new stock or bond offerings are available to be acquired for your portfolio as well. As a team your goal is to increase the return on the assets you own, while staying within the risk tolerance parameters you set.

In addition to managing your investments like stocks and bonds, an asset manager may also manage any real estate holdings you own. This involves confirming that the properties are profitable and if not, advising you to sell the real estate to use the proceeds to purchase other investments. Your manager may also recommend making improvements to the properties to increase their value for better return on investment.

You may authorize your asset manager to engage in buying and selling on your behalf as well. This will be a consideration when you have an established business relationship and you trust his expertise and integrity. But, it’s important to realize that you always have the option to veto their recommendation, taking an alternate course of action if you wish.


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