Working With an Investment Advisor

An investment advisor offers advice to individuals who want to grow or protect their wealth through investments. The advisor might be a specialist in type of investments, but generally has recommendations on multiple investing alternatives. Your professional may be independent or work for a brokerage firm, bank or investment group.

At your first meeting with an investment advisor, you establish the amount of money you would like to invest and if you are seeking a long or short-term return on your investment. You’ll also need to share your risk tolerance and any debt load. In order to make a good recommendation, your FA will need to also know your current tax bracket, your insurance policies and the amount of funds, if any, that have been set aside emergency situations. Once all of these factors have been considered, the advisor will present a few different options designed to meet your needs.

The options provided by your financial investment advisor can be comprehensive and flexible. Suggestions may include placing funds in securities, stocks and bonds, mutual funds or real estate. You’ll get an explanation regarding the benefits and risks of all the options provided. Your advisor may make general recommendations, but may not recommend investing in a specific company per industry regulations.

You’ll be informed of the tax implications for each of the investment options under consideration. And the advice you receive should be objective leaving the final investment choice up to your discretion. Ideally, your advisor will maintain a close, long-term relationship with you, keeping you informed of market changes with adjustment advice. You should meet with the advisor on a regular basis to review your portfolio and to talk about available investment options.

A competent advisor’s priority should be your best interests as his reputation for honesty and sound counsel is based on it.



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