Why You Need a Los Angeles Financial Planner

LA cfp graphYou can benefit from a Los Angeles financial advisor’s services if you are new to investing. However, this kind of thing will only be helpful once you find the right person to assist you. Avoid mistakes by reading over the following guidelines to help you get financial assistance.

The markets are not really in peril as much as they have been in the past. The “dot.com” bubble was years ago and so was the global recession that happened after 9/11. Why not just invest and hope for the best since it should be easy now? Well, if you look at various markets these days, some struggle still while others do quite well. Without experience with making investment decisions, you probably will just get confused and will definitely lose money. Sometimes things that seem like they will work are not going to, and it takes a trained professional to advise you on when to invest or when to sell what you have.

Decision-making paralysis is something that is very real and can make you end up not doing anything with your finances. This is basically when you fear making a mistake, so you hold out and keep telling yourself that you will eventually make an investment when the time is right. With an advisor on your side you can avoid feeling like there are not any options or that you should wait because they will be familiar with the various aspects of investing and can help you get a deal that cannot be beaten.

Mistakes in the world of finance can often be devastating. You have to be prepared to lose some money, especially when you are new to making investments and other decisions that could lead to losses. A good advisor is going to help you to make better decisions, can make you more intelligent, and they are going to help you have a sharper focus. Coming up with your long and short term goals with this kind of professional on your payroll lets you pay more attention to your fiscal objectives and own a profitable portfolio.

In addition to investments, your Los Angeles financial planner will be able to assist with your estate planning, retirement planning, wealth and asset management and taxes. Not only that, but if you are curious to know where money is coming in and going out, you can keep track of this as well. Always be on top of your finances, and know that when you start to watch them carefully it could help you figure out what kind of problems you have.

Look into the past of anyone you are going to hire, especially if you need them to help you deal with large sums of money. When it’s time to hire someone for this kind of work, leave your feelings as far away from the process as possible. Other than if you feel suspicious of someone, you cannot let how you feel get in the way when it comes to money. Do some searching online for the advisor’s name, and run a background check to see if there have ever been any crimes related to money that they were a part of.

A financial advisor in the  LA  area is going to be helpful to work with no matter what kind of experience you have with making investments. You need to be careful about who you work with so you can get the most from the investments you make. Now that you have this information you can use it to your advantage.


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Just like most things in life, you can either do something yourself or utilize the expertise of a professional. Should you build a deck by yourself or should you hire a contractor? Should you put together a will on your own or use the help of a lawyer? When it comes to finances, there are tons of resources out there offering DIY financial advice, including books, magazines, websites, and TV and radio “gurus.”It is not to say that the people preaching their investment and financial planning advice aren’t smart or know what they are talking about, but the issue is, they do not know your personal financial situation! So a financial vehicle that may be perfect for someone else, may be awful for you. This is so important to understand, and is why it is so important to get the help of a financial professional to look at where you are at currently with your financial planning, get an idea of your short term and long term goals, and accordingly, put together a PERSONAL financial plan.

In general, financial advisors provide, what is called, a “needs-based” analysis. They will take you through a fact finding process in which they will ask you questions to get a clear picture of your current financial situation and also find out where you want to be in the future personally, professionally, and financially. Based on your answers to the questions that your advisor will ask, your financial advisor will then take that information and develop a financial analysis of your current situation and make recommendations that will ultimately improve your financial security moving forward.

This is one of the most important questions and also where many financial advisors fall short in their work and dedication to their clients. Overall, your financial advisor should be contacting you at least once a year to at least get an update on your situation to see if anything has changed or needs to be updated. Accordingly, you should have your financial plan reviewed if you experience a life event (ie, marriage, birth of a child, retirement, etc…).Some people may require more frequent attention depending on age, goals, and objectives, but overall, your advisor should indicate to you during your initial meeting how he/she plans on communicating with you moving forward and when you can expect to meet again. During our vetting process, we make sure that the advisors we recommend to you have developed a reputation for having a strong and long-term relationship with their clients so that you can expect the same.




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