Wealth Management 101

Wealth management, also called private wealth management, is an important professional entity that blends accounting/tax, investment/financial and retirement/estate planning for a set fee. You would work with a wealth manager who in turn integrates guidance from your attorney, accountant and insurance agent etc. Generally, wealth management encompasses more than just investment guidance. Basically, you are simplifying your fiscal matters by coordinating the advice of multiple professionals into your single wealth management pro.

Your personal money manager begins by creating a strategy that not only maintains but increases your net worth. He will take into account your current fiscal standing, monetary goals and risk tolerance. Once the plan has been created, you will visit with your manager often enough to change/update goals, review your investment portfolio and see if other services are required.

Larger brokerage houses and banks provide multiple investment options to investors, even though individuals do not have the time, effort or skill to oversee their finances properly. To offset for this lack, may be lacking,  investors utilize the services of wealth managers who only manage the money of private, often high net worth individuals.

Occasionally, a wealth manager belongs to a firm that already employs the experts and services you require but there are independent professionals as well, who have relationships with their own specialists or own multiple licenses. The fees charged to manage your wealth can vary considerably between professionals so do your research.

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